Group classes are for 2 ½ hours, once a week for 8 weeks with an all day class between week 6 and 7.   

All workplaces experience stress. This fundamental training will help you recognize and lessen the negative impact of stress and distraction on your productivity and well-being. Workshop participants will learn to cultivate proven stress management techniques and with them gain perspective on the demands or other challenges in everyday life.

This course will include:
 • Guided instruction in mindfulness meditation practices
 • Gentle stretching and mindful yoga
 • Group dialogue and discussions aimed at enhancing awareness in everyday life
 • Individually tailored instruction
 • Daily home assignments
 • Four home practice CDs and a home practice workbook

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Half day or full day trainings. 

Being present and focused can be difficult even under the best circumstances. As employees, colleagues, supervisors, and team members, the cultivation of mindfulness enables us to be more patient and skillful with our tasks and with each other. 

Mindfulness is training the mind to be more focused, resilient and more self-aware which allows one to better engage with colleagues and better manage stress reactivity. Workplaces that engage a level of mindfulness tend to be more productive and offer a greater culture of well-being. In this training participants will experience hands-on mindfulness tools to be more attentive, creative, patient and balanced leading to greater stress management and productivity.

Half day or full day trainings. 

This training builds on Mindful at Work and focuses on the “we” of the workplace: Communication. This training focuses on Communication skills to enhance one’s ability to engage in clear, supportive and safe communication with peers, direct reports and supervisors. Participants will have the opportunity to explore their own communication patterns and will develop experiential skills in listening and engagement that can create a more productive and nourishing work environment.  

This course will include:
 • Increased self-awareness of verbal and non-verbal communication styles
 • Effective and efficient communicate techniques between peers and supervisors
 • Practical listening skills
 • How to become an agent of change in one’s workplace environment
 • Learning when to choose digital or spoken communication

Half day, full day or weekend retreat.

Leading effectively requires artful communication, grace under pressure, creativity and the ability to build trust and inspire. All those traits can be enhanced through our mindfulness workshop. We will take specific mindfulness practices and apply them to leadership scenarios and learn why being a mindful leader matters. We will discuss the importance of developing emotional intelligence through greater self-awareness improving team performance and business results.

Leaders will try new practices in this hands-on experiential training that will make them more conscious of the choices they make, the additional options they have, and the impact their mindful leadership can have. They will leave with tools and resources to be more effective in leading and inspiring others; to lead with focus, clarity, creativity and compassion.

Classes can be offered as a weekend retreat, 5 or 8 week classes.

Physician burnout is a pervasive health care problem characterized by a loss of mental, physical and emotional energy due to continued job-related stress. Studies have concluded that burnout is more common among physicians than among other professionals, with those in primary care being at greatest risk.  60% of physicians report having experienced burn-out which has been linked to poorer quality of care, including patient dissatisfaction, increased medical errors, lawsuits and increased costs to medical organizations in staff-turnover.  Burnout also has adverse personal consequences for heath care providers. There is strong need to offer resiliency skills to adapt to a dynamically changing practice environment. Mindfulness Training for Health Care Professionals in an Evidenced-based program which offers health care professionals skills in managing stress and reducing incidence of burn-out and compassion fatigue.  

This series is built on the foundation of MBSR with an additional session on narrative medicine.  The series combines didactic presentations, mindfulness practices, interactive discussions and home practice.